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Thanks Woody for an amazing time yesterday in Pontiac, Michigan. I was impressed with your emotional range that you can share with us but more importantly I was sincerely touched by you as a person, your ability to share yourself with others and your true passion for teaching and inspiring others. I feel like I have met someone that has impacted my life and I know how precious of a gift that is so THANK YOU... I will be creating something amazing from my heart to share with you and hopefully return the gift of giving to you to share with you how you impact others. I hope you are aware of your gift.. amazing!~Chandra L. Jewell

Dear Ninya and Woody,Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed using your products. I started off with your DVD’s and learned lots about Photoshop tricks. From your brushes to backgrounds, textures, and most recently your card templates, you have made my life in Photoshop much easier-and faster! My clients are excited about their finished products and I am thrilled to see their faces when they see their images embellished with your goodies.Thank you for making my life in Photoshop much easier and allowing me more time to get back to the shooting part and still have very satisfied customers. Your products and your customer support set you apart from many companies we deal with in this struggling world. Your ability to deliver great products and make me feel like a “special” customer is appreciated more than you know.May you and your family have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.Sincerely,Peggy

Hey Woody... I just wanted to drop a line a thank you for sharing your inspiration and passion for your art. I really enjoyed being there... Many (not all) things with the shooting and photoshop I was familiar with "but" the designing aspect just opened up a closed door in my mind. Things were racing.... I could not get to my computer fast enough to begin designing and applying tricks you shared. It was at a perfect time for me. I have already begun looking for and shooting cool things to use for background designs.The best thing I liked about your seminar was the passion you have for the art your create... Nice! It carried right in to all the others that attended. Best wishes and I look forward to meeting again.Dan

Ninya, I just wanted to let you know how much Doug and I enjoyed Woody these last 2 days. Not is he only an unbelievably talented artist , super personable, funny , great teacher, BUT BY THE TIME HE WAS DONE WE FELT LIKE WE KNEW YOU AND KNOW THAT HE LOVES YOU AND HIS FAMILY... and what a great photographer you are in your own right. He Incorporated you in all his work , how you guys are a team. That gives Doug and I hope that maybe we really can do this together:) how dearly he misses his family when he is gone. We where happy to hear that you and WOODY might do some teaching (seminars) together.. Please put us on the list to see you guys.his is the first time we really had hands on teaching. We thank Woody and you and your family for his time. Not many share what he has shared with us. Woody it was an honor to have met you...THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART FOR THESE 2 DAYS. Thank you for what you have given us also financially these last 2 days, please know we really appreciated it. All the way home we talked about what we learned and how little we realy know. How much work is ahead of us, not only how we do photography, but how we approach our clients. Doug and I are so excited and want to really learn all there is with this. Doug and Audry Langebergfrom Wisconsin.:)

Yes thank you Woody for all that you have done for so many. I am blessed and very proud to get to say that I was taught by one of the best, caring instructors ever alive. Thank You for all you have done for me and so many others. Your caring and sharing are one of the things I am most thankful for.Barb Moore

Woody taught me to see clouds and the rest of the world differently. I totally thought of him when I was driving and saw these "God Beams" this morning. He was an amazing teacher! Remember that letter I wrote him about what an inspirational teacher he is? He is the main inspiration for me to become an Art teacher. I hope I am half the teacher he was! Passion is the key! I could see his passion for photography everyday.Amber Quiroz